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Welcome at e-shop

Welcome at my e-shop

from october 10, 2016 to october 17 2016 out of office

I sell books about math and other sciences and disziplines

Sorry almost of my books are only in czech language, but some my books are in english language, see Catalogue  - Foreign Language (dictionaries  czech and other language

or Matematika->Dejiny matematiky, Mathematics->History of Mathematics

Since July 2016 I offer dictiomaries in form e-book, I did not add these e-book dictionaries to my shop. For verificatiom availabilty, please ASK ME

RNDr. Karel Vašíček

other my site, sorry only in czech language

link to dictionaries, those are not visible in categories of books





Welcome to

free shipping only in Czech republic

I have no agreement with bank about payement with credit card. You can pay with PAYPAL, or bank transfer order

Message for foreign customers: Please contact me to verify the availability of your merchandise before you order, and certainly before you purchase (pay for) anything

Annoucement to the foreign customers: Before ordering and certainly before paying, please, contact me to check availibility of goods. All products are concerned.



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